Product history

The microscope has been revived continuously evolving a period of 350 years.

The microscope has been revived continuously evolving a period of 350 years

In the 17th century in Holland, Leeuwenhoek developed a simple microscope which has a small grass ball lens. The Dutch scientist Leeuwenhoek was the owe who invented the microscope, he was able to discover many of the biological things with a simple method of fitting the ball lens on the plate. This microscope is evolved in modern times, to become the smartphone microscope L-eye.

Just set the L-eye on the front camera of a tablet computer or on a smartphone, when you focus on the thing you want to see, the microscopic world filled with mystery, emerges on the screen of the smartphone and becomes visible to the naked eye.

Features of the L-eye smartphone microscope

Comfortable to observe by using front camera

Unlike the smartphone magnifier of the existing gadget attached to the main camera on the back, the L-eye is to use the front camera on the front, it is easy to put the object you want to observe , the stability of the observation is also secured. It can be operated while looking at the screen, you can focus on your observation.

Comfortable to observe by using front camera.
Buy a tabletop light or use natural light.

Share immediately after shooting → with app

With the combination of a rich smartphone apps and the L-eye, not only the unique, photography, but also the video, remain and shooting of the microorganisms movement, editing images of the photos will be easily do it. Let's send to people around the world on Twitter and Facebook photos whenever and whatever you found on your L-eye microscope.

So, if you have a smartphone and L-eye, anytime, anywhere, you can experience the micro world.

Share immediately after shooting → with app.

Possibilities in schools and work are infinite

If you purchase a reasonably priced L-eye, you will have your own microscope as the first step of the microscopic world, you can enjoy fully in school studies, home activities, field observation and research or even art & hobbies. The microscope can be used furthermore infinity on businesses on a daily basis. You'll encounter in the microscopic world, which you had been overlooked between the L-eye and your ideas.

Possibilities in schools and work are infinite.

Extended principle of L-eye

Extended principle of L-eye

Refer to the Fig. (A) and (B).

(A) is a diagram which a person is watching a sample through a magnifying glass lenses. It means that you have seen by the human eye, an image which has been enlarged by a magnifying glass lenses.

(B) is a figure obtained by photographing the sample on a smartphone L-eye. In order to demonstrate comparison, it is put upside down. It was photographed in the smartphone camera, an image which has been enlarged by a ball lens, and observe as an image. Smartphone camera is equivalent to the human eye of (A). Ball lens, smartphone cameras are smaller than the eye and magnifying glass lens (A), but the size of the CCD is also small, but it becomes significantly large it is used.

Product data

Product L-eye
Model TB-140925LEN
Magnification From 30x to 100x (*1)
Magnification lens φ3 ball lens (BK7)
Focal length about 2.2mm
Attachment mode Magnetic
Product size 20mm ×65mm ×3mm
Case:58.5mm ×124mm ×6mm
L-eye(microscope) 1
Sampling plate 2
Fixed rubber pads 2 transparent, 1 black
User guide 1
Case 1
(*1)The lens itself has the performance of about 100 times the optical, but the magnification of the actual display depends on the performance of the liquid crystal and the performance of the front camera of your mobile device.
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